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Ultimaker S5

Reliability at scale

The Ultimaker S5 is built to maximize uptime with great print results and a large build volume. It delivers best-in-class technical specifications for a desktop 3D printer, plus the performance and peace of mind that comes with using our complete 3D printing solution – one trusted by hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide.


Open and connected system

With the Ultimaker S5, you are not only getting a market leading 3D printer. Our open filament system ensures you are never locked in. Our online Ultimaker Marketplace gives you free access to material profiles from leading brands. And our software simplifies the 3D printing workflow, from integration

with leading CAD platforms to managing your printers via your network or the cloud.

The large build volume of the Ultimaker S5 not only lets you print bigger models – it allows you to put multiple parts on a single build plate. Meet demand, maximize efficiency, and enjoy air quality peace of mind by combining the Ultimaker S5 with its Material Station and Air Manager.


Air Manager 

The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager provides a closed, inside-out airflow throughout the printing process. This leads to a better-controlled environment inside the build chamber and filters up to 95% of ultrafine particles created while printing. The result? A safer work environment and peace of mind when printing with a wider range of materials with an Ultimaker S5.


Material Station 

Seamlessly integrating with the Ultimaker S5, the Material Station redefines filament storage and delivery, unlocking truly 24/7 dual extrusion. Inside the humidity-controlled chamber, six material spools can be loaded in any order with up to 4.5 kg of material. Each bay features automatic material switching, composite-ready feeder wheels, and filament flow sensors. Now you can achieve increased productivity, easier operation, and higher-quality production.


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Larger build volume: Scale up with bigger parts or batch production

Network connectivity: Print via Wi-Fi, LAN, cloud, or with USB

Touch screen: Effortless operation via an award-winning user interface

Advanced active leveling: Reliable first-layer adhesion, enables unattended use

Front enclosure: Improved printing environment for better print results

Flow sensor: Stay informed when filament runs out to increase print success

Easy setup and monitoring: With NFC material recognition and internal camera

Composite materials compatible: Print parts with high strength and unique properties


Air Manager 


EPA filter: Removes up to 95% of UFPs

Controlled extraction: Inside-out airflow optimized for filtering and print quality

Enhanced safety: Physical barrier prevents reaching inside the printer

Optimized for your application: Detects material being used and adjusts airflow

Easy setup: Printer detects when the Air Manager is connected

Smart monitoring: Printer tracks filter usage and prompts replacement


Material Station 


Fast and easy loading: Front-facing bay for up to six materials reduces loading time to a few seconds

Uninterrupted printing: Sensors detect when one material spool ends and automatically loads the next

Humidity control: Intelligent atmospheric management keeps relative humidity below 40%

Easy setup and monitoring: NFC material autorecognition and seamless integration with

Ultimaker software

Composite materials compatible: Print parts with high strength and unique properties

Limitless configurations: Keep your most-used materials ready to print when you need – Ultimaker and third-party filaments

Cura Software and Ultimaker

Cura has been engineered to make the very most of the Ultimaker 3D printer. And vice versa. Born from open source collaboration, together they create a stable, reliable and seamless 3D printing experience. This free innovative software makes 3D printing so easy. For newbies, it’ll do everything for you, and for experts, there’s a world of advanced settings to tinker with. As it’s open source, developers work with the community to enrich it even more. Download it for free!

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