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When we use term “plug & play”– we mean it. Sinterit Lisa is designed to work for you on full capacity. Lisa SLS 3D printer is crafted at our facility in Kraków, Poland by the team of trained and experienced staff. Every machine passes a precisely designed calibration and testing procedure.
Technology : Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)


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Features : Space and cost-effective, WiFi connectivity Resistive, color touchscreen 4“
Easy maintenance
Print Bed Size: 150 x 200 x 260 mm
Build volume: Flexa – high accuracy max print volume 110 x 160 x 250 mm; PA – high accuracy max print volume 90 x 120 x 230 mm
Supplied software : Sinterit Studio
File types : STL/OBJ/DAE/AMF
Supported : OS Windows/Mac/Linux
Materials: PA12 Smooth, PA11 Onyx, Flexa Grey, Flexa Grey, Flexa Black, Flexa Soft, Flexa Bright, TPE, Open Parameters

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