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Produced by Ultimaker, custodians, and developers of the open-source Cura slicing software, it stands to reason that Cura should play best with the S5 and boy does it. Touting deep connectivity with print monitoring, remote connection, live viewing and print job assignment to networked printers, it is the cleanest integration and UI between printer and software that we’ve seen yet.

Add to this its highly capable dual extrusion system which uses a selection of easily swappable print cores to handle different materials, and the Ultimaker S5 truly is a professional printing solution



Using a high-powered laser to sinter particles of polymer powder into a 3D model, SLS technology offers high-quality surface finishes, no need for support structures, tremendous layer bonding, and manufactures objects with excellent tensile strength and modulus.

Compared to the first version, the Sinterit Lisa Pro includes a larger build volume, a built-in nitrogen chamber, and many other premium features.

In addition to the bigger build volume and nitrogen chamber, the Sinterit team has also integrated other hardware and software advancements. For instance, the new Sinterit Studio 2018 software now offers increased automation and an improved user experience. With this software, users will be able to prepare 3D models, arrange them in the build area, check the design and monitor the print status.

While the Sinterit Lisa Pro will be available as a standalone printer, potential customers should definitely take a look at throwing in some extra dough to obtain the complete end-to-end system. This includes the Sinterit Sandblaster and Sieve, both integral parts of the SLS process that reduce production time and speed up product development.

With SLS 3D printing becoming a prominent manufacturing tool in the automotive, electronics, robotics, plastics, healthcare industry, and more. From functional parts to prototypes, stiff prints to flexible ones, the Sinterit Lisa Pro is offering an affordable option to designers, engineers, and small-to-medium sized businesses that could benefit from SLS 3D printing technology.

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