PRECISE Trading LLC was established in the UAE in 2002 as an industry pioneer of sub surface laser etching of high quality crystals. The company produces laser engraved 2D and 3D portraits, trophies, awards, corporate gifts and mementos made of precious high-quality optical crystal.Our first retail outlet was opened November 2002 at the Dubai Duty Free (Airport) with a second outlet opened in Deira City Centre Shopping & Entertainment Mall in March 2003.With our state-of-the-art equipment manufactured to PRECISEspecifications and requirements in Germany, we are worldwide industry pioneers in high quality laser etching. We currently operate 4 retail outlets in Dubai in prime locationsand have retail outlets with strategic partners in Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Norway. PRECISEco-ordinates a team of 100 dedicated people in sales, marketing, design and manufacturing to create beautiful, personalized luxury items for our clients.Our corporate processes include sales through key account managers, a CRM department, dedicated production facility, as well as warehouse and after-sales quality control. We are recognised for our German excellence in quality, speed and service.

Mission Statement

To be your company of choice for value and quality craftsmanship; recognised for outstanding service and product desirability.

Distribution Network

Apart from outlets operated by PRECISE in the UAE, we distribute products and services via a Reseller Network. Our reseller starter packages are not only very cost-effective from an investment point of view but also offer turnkey services developed with detailed manuals and training opportunities. As they are operated by PRECISE, this means they are further developed and improved on an ongoing basis.

Future Developments

Reseller Network
Precise is constantly evaluating and reassessing the process of business, the opportunities in new products and markets, and will work with its established Reseller Network to pass on such information and benefits.
Developments are ongoing for effective online platforms for all concepts. This knowledge, technology and online access will be shared with partners and Reseller Network.